There Are 2 Ways To Grow A Business And Most Choose The One That Ends In Bankruptcy
Written by Shahn Ellis on July 31st 2019
There are two ways to grow a business and most choose the one that ends in bankruptcy. As a rookie Subcontractor, I always thought that the companies that were doing the most jobs were the most successful, so I attempted to do just that. Grow BIG.

What I didn't think about was all of the money required to take on the extra overhead, the stress from managing more people, and all the moving parts. I was so sick and tired of feeling like no matter how much work we did, there still wasn't any money left over. Not to mention the constant cash flow issues. I knew that there must be a better way!

You see, there are two ways to grow a business. (Big) or (Expensive). Yes, you can grow total revenue by either taking on more work and all of the expenses and headaches that go with it, or you can increase pricing. Which do you think comes with less stress and more profit? 

Once I realized this and made the shift to growing expensive by working with high-end clients in a specific niche, my life and business changed for the better. 

Looking back, I can clearly see that growing expensive and generating the capital required for growing bigger is actually the order growing a business should be done. 

Shahn Ellis

Shahn Ellis helps Subcontractors lock in big profits, end cash-flow issues, and get their freedom back. He has personally built and managed a successful 7 figure subcontracting business which he recently sold to Consult full-time. If you are a Subcontractor who wants less stress and more income, definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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